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Due to the fact that each of us is different and has different purpose, tastes and eating preferences, I have prepared for you a slimming diet called Fit "75", breaking records of popularity in the world. This is my bestseller - online, which gives amazing results in slimming, which can be seen amongst my clients.
Click the 'I choose' button, answer the questions in the form and start your adventure with "Weight Loss Master" - a trainer and nutritionist with over 25 years of experience.
Fit "75" is prepared individually. This means that I arrange it only for you, for your purpose, dietary preferences, physical activity or disease entity, so that the weight of meals, and thus - their caloric content, will be completely different for you and different for each individual.

I am the author of the Fit 75 diet.

After entering 'Choose' you will read more details about the diet, and after buying it you will receive an individual diet plan (listing training and supplementation is included in the price of the diet).

I wish you success in achieving your goal.
Arkadiusz Kozłowski - "Weight Loss Master".

10 weeks

Weight loss diet plan - 4 meals a day

Individually tailored for you, simple to prepare, and what is most important - an effective weight loss diet prepared by Arkadiusz Kozlowski.
Fill out the form and we will create and individual diet that will allow you to lose weight even without training.
It does not matter whether I do it online or meet the client face-to-face. In both cases the diet is just as effective and still individually tailored for you.
Take advantage of my over 25 years of experience. The Fit 75 diet breaks records for effective weight loss. Do not hesitate just join the group of clients. Waiting time - 1 business day ( training plan for the gym or home and photos are included in the price of the diet).

2 weeks

Weight loss diet plan - 4 meals a day

Try out 2 weeks of my individually tailored diet plan for the price of 19£.

Special offer, which allows you to try it out yourself over the next 2 weeks, how successful my diet plans are. All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire on my website. I'm 100% sure, that the results you'll achieve will be so satisfying, that you'll want to buy the remaining 8 weeks of the plan. The cost of the remaining 8 weeks- 48£ (after you buy the trial, you'll receive a discount code to buy the whole plan. If you'll decide to use it or not, is entirely up to you). Waiting time to receive your diet plan on most occasions is 1 working day. The trial doesn't include an exercise plan, but when you'll decide to buy the whole plan, then you'll receive exercise plans to train both at the gym and at home. (My diet plan lets you lose weight even without any training, but obviously the results will be far better when you'll do regular exercise).