Wiesław Tomaszewski

A specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology and sports medicine. 1985-1988 – chairman of the Medical Commission of Polish Judo Association. 1989-1993 – Chairman of the Polish Medical Association Kick-Boxing. 1998 – Vice-President of Medical Commission for Nutrition and Support of Training. Author or co-author of approx. 80 scientific and popular scientific articles in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine.

A modern trainer is not only a specialist in his narrow sport specialization, but also a kind of „encyclopedia” on other fields, necessary for lead of training – both competitive and performed in the dimension of recreation . The most important elements would be e.g. .: knowledge about the principles of healthy nutrition and supplementation, biochemistry and physiology of effort, effective biological renewal, and prevention of injuries, overtraining, etc.

Mr Arkadiusz Kozlowski has such knowledge skills and experience. I have got to know him for approx. 2 years now, not only from the side of knowledge of practice training, but also the rules of the theory of sports and general knowledge.

Often discussions on many topics related to modern sport and modern training, have resulted in the release of a co-written book „Supplements and assisting formulations in sport”. A guide for amateur and professional in which Mr Arkadiusz Kozlowski as the author, showed his creativity and mind full of initiatives.

He is able to perfectly pass his extensive knowledge and experience onto a practical training, what evidence can be seen among high-performance competitors, as well as recreational clients, who are under his care.


Peter Głuchowski

World Champion in Bodybuilding European champion in Bodybuilding Multiple Polish champion in Bodybuilding

With a great pleasure, I recommend to everyone Arkadiusz Kozlowski, among friends called „Weight Loss Master”, as an excellent coach and sports dietitian, a specialist in nutritional and pharmacological support, co-author of the second so far book on the market for supplements allowed in training called ” Supplements and assisting formulations in sports”.

I have met Arek in 1992, when I was coaching him for the annual competition “Bodybuilding Debuts”, being a competition of „first step” for bodybuilders starting a career.

This well-promising bodybuilder aroused my appreciation when he devoted his athlete career to be a certified bodybuilding trainer.

His decision is even more valuable because the sport level of our nation is embarrassingly low, and there is a lack of amount of professional trainers who would change this state of fact.

I am confident that under the guidance of Arek, you will achieve your personal success.


Łukasz Postrzygacz

winner of „Bodybuilding Debuts” 2006

I have met Arkadiusz Kozlowski in 2004, when he worked in a gym called „Vini”, as a bodybuilding instructor. I remember when he came up to me and asked if I ever wanted to compete in bodybuilding competitions. That question surprised me, because I have considered myself a normal-looking guy with short training experience, just stepping into the adventure with the gym. However, Arek saw potential in me as a competitor, which I am grateful for till today. When I said I could try, my trainings have changed 360 degrees. I got a daily exercise and diet journal which I work with till now, because I cannot even imagine a workout without an exactly written diet and exercises, which should be changed every 6-8 weeks, which I previously had no clue about. During training with Arek, I also improved my exercise technique, and here I would like to say that Arek is very professional, because earlier I visited a few gyms, but in none of them I met a coach with such well mastered knowledge of proper exercise. A few months working with Arek resulted in 5th place on 22 starters in the ‚Bodybuilding Debuts „(2004), which I left with just the best definition, but unfortunately underdeveloped quadriceps muscles of thighs, which are my weak point and there was no time to work on them more in such short of time . The next step in my aim of victory was to increase my muscle mass, which took me 2 years.

After a two-year break from competition, we tried our chances in the Classic bodybuilding (former body fitness), also in the „Bodybuilding Debuts” (2006), in which Arek prepared me perfectly with the assurance of victory! And so it was, for 18 competitors I won 1st place! My next goal is the Polish Championship 2007. I think I will be a Polish champion supervised by Arek!


Agnieszka Zych

Instructor of Adidas Poland Schwinn Cycling Instructor Contestant of the Caving Adventure Team (13th place in the World Championships in New Zealand, 2005) Participant of cycle marathons (3rd place Eska Gatorade Marathon 2005) Adventure Race – The North Face Adventure Trophy 2006 (1 place)

I have met Arkadiusz Kozlowski, when I was getting ready for the World Championship Adventure Race. Adventure racing is about team competition, which is a combination of many disciplines: orienteering, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing. Sometimes the organizers add in roller blading, rafting or exploring caves. Taking part in such competition, require a very comprehensive preparation, both strength, endurance and technical. It is also healthy diet. Often, athletes of this discipline train instinctively – depending on their free time. Their training is random and chaotic.

My training was just like that until I met the Arek, who created a program for me of preparation in terms of a strength to such a difficult and important event. Certainly, it was not easy because every day I work as an aerobics instructor. Combining simple workouts of canoeing and cycling can cause the body to overtraining very easily. However, Arek using his knowledge about training, nutrition and supplementation, made sure that this did not happen, he could really motivate me to work and we saw the progress which was proved successfully in cycling marathons.

I have to admit, that each workout with Arek was a pleasure (among the sweat and soreness). Varied training gave me the feeling that I am very well prepared for the most important competition of the season, and my season worked with Arek resulted in a success at the World Championships in New Zealand.

Arek is a really great coach who willingly shares his rich knowledge and experience, and is able to motivate both professional athletes and ordinary sport amateurs.


Robert Złotkowski

Boxer and kickboxer. World Champion, World Cup winner and bronze medallist of the European Championship in kickboxing. International Polish Champion in kickboxing. Fighting in formulas full contact and low kick. Professional boxer in junior heavy weight (15 fights of which 13 wins – 5 by KO, lost 2). Currently, trainer (prepared Przemek Saleta among others to winning the fight against Andrew Gołota).

I have met Arek in 1997 during preparations for the World Championship tournament in kickboxing. Joining this tournament required special preparation of strength in which Arek helped me to improve. He supervised the correct technique of my exercises and created a special diet, which allowed me to drop a few pounds of excessive fat easier than before. He was the one who made me realize what the important role in training kickboxing was diet and supplementation. Now I know, that for the training to go well and to lead to a high level, a number of conditions must be fulfilled, and among them, one of the most important is the rational nutritional diet of the competitor. A victory in a competition in every sports discipline, whether it is during a big competition, or in a recreational event, decides a set of activities, which consists not only of training but also a diet and well-chosen supplementation plan, which I previously did not know about. I became aware of by Arek, which I honestly recommend for both professional athletes and sport amateur.