Arkadiusz Kozlowski

Weight Loss Master
My name is Arkadiusz Kozlowski. I am a bodybuilding coach, personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist. I also hold a diploma in "Clinical Dietetics". Everything I do is based on my passion and commitment to widely understood "body shaping". I have been working with people for over 25 years. During this time I have lost weight with over 18,000 people. For the last 6 years I have also provided consulting services online. This way of support is very effective. I have lost weight with over 6000 people without even seeing them! It does not matter to me whether I provide consultations online or in person. Both methods are similarly effective! I have prepared for you a proposition of a diet called Fit 75, which is my bestseller. Most of my trainees have slimmed down using this diet plan. Click on the 'Choose' button, answer the few questions included in the form and start your adventure with the master of weight loss.

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Arkadiusz Kozlowski - dietician, clinical dietician, sports nutrition specialist, bodybuilding instructor, bodybuilding trainer, personal trainer. Author of the books "Body Building" and "Body Shaping", co-author of the book "Nutrition and Dietary Supplements to Enhance Performance in Sport", co-author of the book "Bodybuilding Trainer's Calendar - Nutrition and Support", author of many papers on bodybuilding training, dietetics and supplementation, author of amazing metamorphoses. He also has extensive knowledge in fitness training, principles of sports nutrition, sports food supplements, biochemistry and physiology of effort in sport, effective biological regeneration and preventing injuries and overtraining. All the time he strives to broaden his knowledge based on the latest scientific reports. He always tries to use his vast know-how and experience and can transform them into practical training perfectly well, evidence of which can be seen both in professional, amateur and recreational athletes who train under his guidance.